We are excited to announce that Savilos will be our second signed artist at the label. After a number of successful projects we decided to continue together. His mix between all kinds of dance music makes him a perfect addition to the label. Enjoy the full liveset by Savilos!




Always wanted to know how the producers create the music we release? We got you covered! Make sure to take a look at the video and let us know what you would like to see on our Youtube channel.




'Robin Roij - Alarm [PLEK047]' is now available on your favorite music service. Click on the cover below to stream & download!




PLEK Music is proud to present our fourth authentic collection of rhythmic sounds. We are bringing you a carefully curated selection of the best samples for you to use. If you are looking for eclectic sounds with a rhythm, organic and emotive feel, then this is a must-have sample pack for your collection. The included kicks, snares, claps, hi-hats & percussion can be added to the build for extra energy, and the vocal shots & vocal words will provide a nice edge, perfect for fusion between your productions. You'll also find brass shots, bass shots, synth shots & FX elements! This pack has the essential ingredients to get your next production going. Yet again, we know the sounds you're looking for, so we did the digging for you. We hope you'll enjoy PLEK Sample Pack Vol. 4 just as much as we do! Click on the cover below to download!




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PLEK Music is an independent music label based in the Netherlands, founded in 2018. The versatile sounds of the label are Latin, Indian & African influenced where rhythm is key. The founders felt like there was no place for this new breed of Dance music. We created a brand that people can use to discover new music and artists, releasing regular singles and albums featuring various artists. The label’s strength is to provide a platform to help artists reach their potential. Now whether you listen to our music at the club, festival or you just want to dance. You can listen to our music all day.